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Leonardo Helicopters Upgrades to FAS-INV


Plane Sciences Inc. and Leonardo Helicopters have signed an order for supplying an upgrade of their flight data analysis software. The new system (FAS-INV©) being installed takes advantage of the latest technologies and is actively being developed for and by aircraft accident investigators. Plane Sciences Inc. is a flight safety Subject-Matter-Expert (SME) whose principles pioneered many of the flight data analysis and flight animation techniques in use today. The company leadership consists of ex-Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada investigators who were responsible for developing and implementing Flight Recorder Investigation Laboratories worldwide and who were also the former owners of (now) CAE Flightscape. Plane Sciences was formed in 2012 to fill a need toward supporting investigation authorities wishing to further advance and develop their flight data analysis capabilities augmented with the latest technologies. 

Plane Sciences is partnered and co-located with Applied Informatics & Research Inc. (AIRINC) in Ottawa, Canada. AIRINC is responsible for the development of FAS-INV in close association with Plane Sciences.

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