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Direct Memory Access Retrieval System (MARS)


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Recovering data from crash-damaged flight recorders can be a challenge. Plane Sciences is developing a DIRECT MEMORY MODULE READOUT SYSTEM for retrieving data from crash-damaged flight data and cockpit voice recorders. The current default practice is to extract the memory module from the crash-damaged recorder and re-install it in a surrogate bench unit of the same make, model and revision. With the proliferation of solid state recorders (some of which are no longer in manufacture),the surrogate bench unit method is becoming increasingly problematic and creates an unreasonable reliance on the longevity of the flight recorder manufacturer when things don't always go as planned. Reading the memory module directly obviates the need for numerous bench units and facilitates chip level data extraction in severe cases. The system is being funded by the AIB, Saudi Arabia. Plane Sciences' experts pioneered unique digital tape-based flight recorder recovery techniques and we are applying the same philosophy to solid state memory recorders. The first prototype is expected by September 2016. The system has been name MARS (Memory Access Retrieval System).

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