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Westjet Transitions its Flight Data Monitoring FDM System


Plane Sciences and our collocated partner AIRINC are pleased to announce that WestJet has joined our combined growing list of airline customers. 

WestJet was one of our early flight animation customers back in 2002 when we first formed Flightscape (our former company). Flightscape was a result of privatization of software originally developed by our Subject-Matter-Experts while employed at the Transportation Safety Board of Canada developing their FDR/CVR playback and analysis lab. In 2002, we did not offer a flight data monitoring (trending) system, only tools for detailed single flight analysis. While initially planning to upgrade to our latest animation offering developed in partnership with AIRINC, WestJet decided to use us for their entire FDA program in a Manager Service arrangement as well as proceeding ahead with the animation upgrade. A little over a year since the transition and WestJet said the following: 

“WestJet recently transitioned from a long-established supplier to Plane Sciences for its FDM system. Initially like many airlines, we insisted on an in-house system, but after a full review, we made the decision to have Plane Sciences host the data on their servers. This has turned out to be an excellent decision for many reasons and we are confident in the approach. We have found the team from Plane Sciences to be supportive, responsive and knowledgeable, and the transition to their hosted environment was painless”

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