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Charlie Pereira
Chief Investigator

Charlie is a BS Aeronautical Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach Campus, and most notably worked for the National Transportation Safety Board as an accident investigator specialising in aircraft performance and flight reconstruction.  He worked many major accident investigations at NTSB in the capacity of group chairman including working on the Columbia Space Shuttle accident. He managed all phases of aircraft investigations including
on-scene surveys of wreckage, crash site, runway, and track details, final report language, and safety recommendations. His work involved correlation of crash site and wreckage data with recorded data such as radar, FDR, CVR, event recorders, and voyage recorders; long-term investigations at manufacturer and FAA facilities; flight, icing, and structural simulations; flight tests; development of animations and presentation graphics based on crash site, wreckage, and recorded data sources, as well as simulation results. He developed the first NTSB graphical analysis of FAR requirements for GPWS which led to safety recommendations and eventual FAR changes to upgrade and improve GPWS carriage requirements.

He wrote draft regulatory and standards language for all modes of transportation and trained foreign accident investigators on vehicle performance investigation techniques. He developed training materials for wet runway accident investigation techniques for NTSB training academy. Charlie brings a wealth of experience to the Plane Sciences team.

Charlie is also the owner of Transportation Safety & Security Consulting Inc. (

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