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Bob Hoyle, P.Eng. M.Eng.


Bob is a Professional Engineer, with Bachelor and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering.  Bob started working at the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada in 1986 as the software project authority for the Recovery, Analysis & Presentation System (RAPS) which is the expert system software that Flightscape’s Insight software is based on.


For damaged magnetic tape Flight Recorders, Bob pioneered the unique software decoding techniques that provide investigators with capabilities well beyond that of the manufacturer’s equipment.  Bob also has considerable experience in extracting data from damaged solid state recorders which can employ sophisticated data compression techniques.


At the TSB/C, Bob was responsible for the acoustic Cockpit Voice Recorder laboratory and gained considerable experience in digital audio, adaptive filters, spectral analysis and noise reduction techniques.  Bob has worked on numerous accident investigations, both domestic and international, during his tenure at the TSB/C.


Bob is one of the co-founders of Flightscape, joining the company in 2002 as the Managing Partner of Applied Technologies. At Flightscape, Bob used the experience gained while at the TSB/C to build accident / mishap investigation laboratories for other civil and military authorities around the world.  In 2007, CAE purchased Flightscape.  Bob stayed on as the Director of Technology, continuing to provide leadership in technology / engineering and build investigation labs.  In total, close to 50 authorities around the world are using accident investigation technologies that Bob helped establish for them.


In May 2013, Bob became the Chief Technology Officer of Plane Sciences where he will provide technical / engineering guidance and use his considerable accident / mishap investigation domain expertise to build accident investigation labs and provide customers with expert training and support.

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