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Our Mission

To advance aviation safety

and improve operational efficiency using

innovative technology.

 Plane Sciences principles designed and developed

the TSB  Canada flight recorder lab  and developed the core replay  and analysis software used  or emulated by  virtually all government authorities.  They formed Flightscape  in 2002, sold it to CAE in 2007 and acquired it back from CAE in  February 2017.

Plane Sciences specializes in flight data replay and analysis with years of accident investigation experience.   We apply this expertise to help governments and airlines get the most

out of their flight data.

Plane Sciences is a proud to support/work with ISASI.

Plane Sciences ©2021

Mike Poole, P.Eng.


Bob Hoyle, P.Eng., M.Eng.


Michael Krebs, B.Eng.

Director, Operations

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